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Book your appointment by contacting:

We encourage contacting a provider from another county

if there is potential for a conflict of interest.

Exclusive Services

Members of OFA can access the following:

Counselling services

Professional counselling services are available to OFA members and their families in Lanark County. Up to 4 sessions will be provided by a licensed professional at no cost to you. Allowing a comfortable introduction to what therapy can offer you, or allowing you to continue your mental health journey.



Your time is valuable and your schedule is variable. We understand that you need access to flexible appointments and different formats. Our program offers alternatives to fit your farm schedule. You can access sessions in-person, over the phone or through video calls. 


Confidential professional services 

Our program has been carefully designed to offer you a safe and confidential space. Your name and identity will always remain private.


Appreciation of farming

In this program, you will be working with trained and vetted mental health professionals. It's a core value of our program that the individuals involved in this program have an inherent understanding of the struggles and challenges that farming brings because they have a background in agriculture.

Dry Field

Many thanks to our generous community supporters. 

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